Thursday, July 29, 2010

Audio Books

Several years ago a blind friend introduced me to books on tape. To date I still "read" a lot of audio books and these days several books if not all are also in the audible format. My favorite site for audio books is They also have a facebook page. Audible, Inc., an, Inc. subsidiary (NASDAQ:AMZN), is the leading provider of premium digital spoken audio information and entertainment, on the Internet. Audible specializes in the spoken experience, providing digital audio editions of books, newspapers and magazines, original programming, and TV and radio subscriptions. Content from Audible is downloaded and played back on personal computers, CDs, or AudibleReady® computer-based and wireless mobile devices. Audible has over 75,000 audio programs from more than 1,100 content providers that include leading audiobook publishers, broadcasters, entertainers, magazine and newspaper publishers, and business information providers. Audible is the preeminent provider of spoken-word audio products for Apple’s iTunes® Store. Consumers shop, purchase, and download audio content from (United States), (United Kingdom), (Germany), or (France) directly to personal computers for listening in a variety of ways. Most of our customers download audio to their PCs and Macs and then transfer the audio to MP3 players, personal digital assistants (PDAs), or to smart mobile devices (SMDs) for listening on the go. Others transfer, or “burn,” the content to audio CDs, while some customers simply listen at their computers or through a digital home entertainment network. Audible customers can also have their Audible content wirelessly delivered to their smart mobile devices every day, even while they are asleep, taking the computer out of the equation.

Monday, May 17, 2010

I'm Back

I back from a long break was on a reading binge!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Deadly Sins

I recently did an on-line course on "Memoir Writing". The following is an assignment I completed about my addiction:-

I have an addiction a true addiction. I confess it, I embrace it and I am proud of it. I guess that means that I may never pass step one, in the so called healing process, but that’s all right by me. Call it pride, but I don’t care I have no desire to change.

“My name is Jennifer, and I am an addict, a book addict. It has been about 30 minutes since I last bought a book”. This is part of my personal blog called, "Amazon Anonymous”.

I am not sure if it is gluttony or greed but I have an insatiable appetite for books, this addiction has expanded to include audio books and an electronic gadget called the Sony Reader 505. I have so many audio books I have six ipods all laden with audio books over 1,200 books for my Sony Reader, and my hard copy library? Well I’ve just stopped counting.

I buy books on any topic, on every topic. Ask me I probably have a book, or audio book, or both on the subject.
Last week alone I received 42 printed books in the mail and bought another 53 audio books. It's impossible to read them all as there are only 24 hours in a day, but I still keep buying.

When I get a new purchase I tear open the box with glee. Look through my books, smell them and have visions of reading them. I then sift delicately through the pages, run my fingers across the words and breathe in the smell of new print and paper.

Everything in my library is cataloged, manually and electronically. I have a bar scanner that scans the bar code on the back of books and CDs so it’s recorded straight into my system. I then double check the information to make sure details like the artwork, edition and binding are correct.

I just have to hear about a good book and I begin to salivate. I will then search far and wide2 to find that book, to the point of being obsessive. Today I got “Speak Memory”, a biography by Vladimir Nabokov. This version is on cassettes. It seems this book never made it to CD and my favorite download shop doesn’t have it on catalog.

You can get the book between 10 or 13 bucks but I willing dished out $120 for a second hand copy of the audible version on eight dusty, suspect cassettes. Nevertheless, I am very proud of my purchase.

My appetite is insatiable so much so that I constantly hide books from my husband. I Stash books all over the house as if they were always there. In my addiction I learned to be creative, migrating into the world of digital and audio books.

It’s not my lust, gluttony or greed that shocks me it’s my pride. I have this thing about my library. All of my new books are specially stamped with my special embosser stating "from the library of Jennifer **********" I brand each and every one with my mark. They are mine, all mine!

I'm like that little leprechaun with his pot of gold, I refuse to share. After suffering mishaps with borrowers defacing, damaging and sometimes even losing a book, I have drafted a new policy, I do not lend.

I have tried to psychoanalyze myself why such an addiction and if I endorse the theory of Sigmund Freud (yep, he’s in my library) if can be traced to my parents.

I remember that as a punishment my parents would take away my books. If I really misbehaved or didn’t do my chores, they would say, "For that, no school tomorrow". This was my personal ninth chamber of hell, which had me:- “Weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth.”

Which brings me to death; I wonder if my loved ones would bury my books with me? You know, like the Egyptians. On second thought that won’t work, I want to be cremated and I am anti-book burning.

I guess when I think about it, that is, my little book problem, I have to admit that I do display elements of the seven deadly sins. Pick any one you like. I confess. I’m guilty as charged.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How to Spot An Addict

• Always have a fix or two in their possession
Search bags, pockets or car you will find a book or more. Some addicts are very imaginative they hide audio books on ipods or mp3 players and other electronic gadgets like the Kindle or Sony Reader.

• Have stashes all over their living space.
Look on shelves, bedside tables, in the kitchen and yes even bathrooms.

• Their sleep habits change
Many will have dark rings under their eyes, a sign they were up all night reading.

• Have a supplier/dealer on every corner.
These dealers have no fear of the law and are brazen enough to actually advertise. Known top dealers include,, Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million and Sony econnect. The list goes on. A hardcore addict will patronize every one.

• Mental signs to look for
Book addicts usually have a great command of language. Like to correct grammar and usually have a higher than normal IQ.

• Favorite Hangouts
Libraries, bookshops, book signings, book clubs and with intelligent people.

• Favorite Kinds of people
Love writers, especially if they are published and other readers.

• Favorite Topics
What they are reading, why they reading, who is reading what. What they plan to read next. Who are their favorite authors and what these authors are presently working on? The Freedom of Speech and Expression.

• Things that Worry or Confuse them
Book burners and anyone who is trying to destroy or ban a book. People who don’t read and illiteracy.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Favorite Things

They say you get to know people by what they love and hate. So here's a list of things I absolutely love:-

Audio Books
My Sony Reader 505 (Although the battery isn't holding the charge)
My Ipods (I have six)
My Mac Powerbook
Iphones (Haven't Got One yet, But I do have 13 applications sitting in my itunes)
Amazon Kindle. I'm salivating, lusting for one
and finally my DVD Collection.

Reading For A Living

EEEEEK!…. That's me screaming, talk about a dream job. Can you imagine? Reading all day, all afternoon, all night? It’s binge reading with no end, and there are people out there who would actually pay you to do it. Absolute heaven!

Talk about getting paid to do something you love! Amazing. I bought this book on, unfortunately I could not find it as an audio book or as an electronic book for my Sony 505 Reader. Nevertheless it is a great buy with lots of tips for anyone who is looking to get in this field . The book covers story analysis skills which will prove invaluable to both professional readers and writers. On the downside the book is a bit dated i.e. 1990 nevertheless there’s still a lot of useful information.