Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How to Spot An Addict

• Always have a fix or two in their possession
Search bags, pockets or car you will find a book or more. Some addicts are very imaginative they hide audio books on ipods or mp3 players and other electronic gadgets like the Kindle or Sony Reader.

• Have stashes all over their living space.
Look on shelves, bedside tables, in the kitchen and yes even bathrooms.

• Their sleep habits change
Many will have dark rings under their eyes, a sign they were up all night reading.

• Have a supplier/dealer on every corner.
These dealers have no fear of the law and are brazen enough to actually advertise. Known top dealers include,, Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million and Sony econnect. The list goes on. A hardcore addict will patronize every one.

• Mental signs to look for
Book addicts usually have a great command of language. Like to correct grammar and usually have a higher than normal IQ.

• Favorite Hangouts
Libraries, bookshops, book signings, book clubs and with intelligent people.

• Favorite Kinds of people
Love writers, especially if they are published and other readers.

• Favorite Topics
What they are reading, why they reading, who is reading what. What they plan to read next. Who are their favorite authors and what these authors are presently working on? The Freedom of Speech and Expression.

• Things that Worry or Confuse them
Book burners and anyone who is trying to destroy or ban a book. People who don’t read and illiteracy.


  1. This is great. I love the idea of your blog. I hope you keep going. And good luck with your writing too (the romance novel and screenplay.) It's nice to see other people addicted to reading and books.

  2. OMG, I am an addict too! i keep buying books even if i don't know if i ever will have a chance to read them. I have stacks all over the place, and books I bought years ago and still need to read! if i go to a bookstore, i won't leave without at least 3 books. my problem now is that I have two very small children, and i don't have much energy to read. and i miss it so much! yes, my favorite place is the bookstore, and yes, I always always carry something to read with me!! There is always a book or a "smart" magazine (New Yorker, Economist) in my bag, depending on weight! You never know when you might get a chance to sneak a read!
    I don't like E-Books though. My husband wants to buy me an electronic reader, but I am refusing. i just like the paper, and to see the actual book on my bookshelf.
    I am curious about your blog. Seems like I am your target reader :)